24 October 2012


I have custom orders on the brain. This past weekend I had my first print-only custom order. I am more than happy to resign myself that you can mat and frame pictures exactly to your liking. So, officially, I'll make you a 5x7 print for $5, an 8x10 for $10 and an 11x14 for $15.
These too can be mailed or picked up or delivered or whatever is most convenient.

On that same subject, while I don't sell online that doesn't mean you can't order. It's better to go straight to the source and that is via my personal email. There is a fairly extensive gallery flipping it's little heart out on the right hand side of your screen. If you see something you like, just let me know. I'll make that picture into anything you can think of. Well, just short of mugs and t-shirts, but I'd find a way if you wanted it.
Shipping is whatever the post office charges, and that's about that.

If you've been to see me at a show, you know many more pictures exist. If you vaguely remember something you liked, I am sure I can figure out what it was for you. I was there for most of them (haha)!

P.S. I'm thinking of a little website redux. I am not very good at design and such, but not quite happy with the way the 'ol blog looks. If you're a frist time visitor, bear with.

Do your Wurst.

Thanks to all my Frederick peeps who came out for octoberfest!  I know that it was really for the brats and the beer, but at least some of you bought some pics too!  This was a great event that I hope to continue to participate in.  I got free food, free drink, and got to use frederick's oldest bathroom.  Surprised some old friends, made some new, and didn't get stuck in the mud.  So, a rousing success.

Thanks again for making it my most successful two day show yet! 

Last show of the year is coming up on December 1st.  Right here in downtown Frederick.  Details to follow, 'cause you know you want 'em. 

16 October 2012

A Real Show

Hello to my many, many readers. 
I am very happy to tell you that one of my photos (the well-groomed highland cow) has been chosen to be in the National Juried Photography Exhibit 2012 at the Delaplaine Visual Arts Center.  The show is Juried by William Stapp, and he knows some stuff!  So come to downtown Frederick to see mine and many more awesome photos this fall.  The show runs from November 3rd to the 25th. 
More details here

And you can nab your own copy of the well-groomed highland cow.  It is easy as coming out to Oktoberfest this weekend and saying 'Hey, Ellie, lemme at that highland cow.' and I will reply, 'It's famous now so it costs $600 a print!'  Just kidding!


Join me this weekend for Oktoberfest at Schifferstadt.  This Frederick, MD tradition is October 20-21st and will feature local artists, history, and German beer!  (need I say more?  good, 'cause that's all I've got.)

22 September 2012

Custom Order

Here is my first custom order to be mailed.  It wasn't as tricky or expensive as I had expected, so bring them on!  At Under the Same Sun, custom orders are as they should be:  Cheap and easy!  
Only $2 extra charge for a custom 5x7 print mailed right to your house.  So, pick some out, and at shows, keep that in mind to get just the print you're looking for!

10 September 2012


This weekend was a great example of what it means to be a successful crafter.  With only a year in and about five shows under my belt, I seem to have a 50/50 chance of getting it right.  It seems that half of my time I have chosen a good venue, had fair weather and patrons have turned up.  When this happens, I sell a bit and feel right with the world.  The other half of the time, it rains, no on comes out, and the wind blows too hard.  When this happens, I freeze, get wet, or am scared the whole time and don't sell much.  This very small business seems a game of chance, and hopefully in a few years I'll have a handle on all of the variables that I can control.

On Saturday I as at a lovely event that started out very well. Let's just say that I love events that start at noon.  I was also thrilled to get to park right behind my tent.  Knowing that wet weather was coming, this made me feel far more secure.  There was chili and beer as promised, but the whole event was closed down 2 hours early due to the severely dark cloud that was looming over us.  I think I set a record in packing up and got everything back in and safe minutes before the weather hit.

On Sunday I went to my biggest event ever.  It was really wonderful as it was full of crafters, very well organized and overpopulated with arts and crafts hungry patrons.  It was certainly the most exposure I've gotten in one day and the most I've ever sold!  It made up for Saturdays' losses and then a bit more.  This is sure to be a regular UTSS event.

So thanks to all who came out to buy from, help, and support me this weekend.  It is truly appreciated!  If you are reading this, you are awesome!


Just a reminder that you can 'like' Under the Same Sun on facebook.  Keep up with the latest schedule of events and new pics!


06 September 2012

Crafting Mania!

Well, mabye I exaggerate, but this weekend I am doing two craft shows, two!

Firstly I will be at the Sykesville, MD Chili Cook-off and Beer Festival.  This event is on Main Street in Sykesville from 12-5, this Saturday!  Really, you had me at beer festival. 

Secondly, I will be at the Catonsville Arts &Crafts Festival on Sunday from 10-5.  This is a big even on Frederick Street in Catonsville, MD.

Come on out and get yer craft on!

21 August 2012

Autumn is the Best

We are rapidly and thankfully approaching my favorite time of year. With Autumn comes better clothes, cooler nights, beautiful colors, great holidays, and some potentially sucessful crafting. I am sorry it's been a while since a new post appeared, but I've sort of resovled not to craft in summer because I hate the heat. That, and summer shows are hard to get into. All complaining aside, I have three events lined up this fall, (possibly a couple more). Fall is the best time to be a crafter as people snap into Christmas shopping mode and hopefully will enter my tent and be overcome with joy and buy everything for their friends and family members. Hey, it could happen.

On September 9th, I am attending the Catonsville Arts & Craft Festival from 10-5. I am uber excited about this one as it is short, and allegedly very intense. There will hopefully be a lot of people there, including you!
 In October, I will be at Oktoberfest at Schifferstadt for a weekend of Beer, Brats, and Arts and Crafts.
 In December, the Fredeick Arts Council is hosting an Artists Market for first saturday celebrations. This is a fun event full of local artists, and if you're lucky, free wine. FREE WINE. That's all I have to say about that.

More info and helpful links can be found in the Upcoming Events section to your right.  Hope to see you under the little white tent. 

13 May 2012

Thoughts on Local Interest

"Can I offer you some constructive criticism?" the officious lady loudly asked.
"No." I replied.
It didn't really matter what I said, as she intended it to offer it anyway.
"You need local interest pictures." she began (and never ended) "I think you'd catch more peoples' attention if you had some local interest here.  The other photographer," she gestured to the other side of the show, "has pictures of this town.  This town!  That's getting him a lot of business.  That's what you need.  I mean from a marketing stand point.  That's what I'd do."
"I..."  I attempted to answer.
"Yep, these are okay, but really what people want is local interest.  You know what I mean?  That's what people expect."
"Okay.  That's great.  I know that other photographer, and that's his thing.  All he has is local interest.  This is my thing.  Besides, I have some local interest.  Just not a lot."
"Well, what you need to do is come to the town you're going to be in, take some shots beforeheand and then you'd be set."
What's sad is that she thinks that she is the only person with this idea.  How did she think the other photographer got pictures of that town.  He's retired, and with that time he recons places and takes local pics.
"The thing is, I already have all of these pictures, and it's not cheap to make them.  I'm just starting out, I don't need to boost my inventory right now.  And, I like to think they're pretty pictures and it doesn't matter where they were taken."

It was about here that this ladys friend started to flip through the 5x7s.  She pulled some our showing to her friend and asked me where they were.  "Gettysburg.  Harper's Ferry.  Boonsboro.  See, maybe I don't need local interest after all."
She seemed to soften.  And backpedal.
"You know what, I think you're going to do just fine."  She continued to browse and repeated  "You're going to do fine, honey."

Oh, God would you please buy something or leave.  The whole interaction lasted far too long and earned me no money. What's nice about having my own business is that I don't have to worry about them complaining to anyone when I dismiss their suggestions immediately.

I'm often asked if I have local interest pics.  And, I do have a few, but the majority are non-local.  I used to apoligize for not having local pics, but I don't bother anymore.  It's not my thing.  At least not now.  The non-local pics are what I have and if you don't like them, no one's got a gun to your head.  I think I've sold enough non-local stuff to have confidence in it and I'm not too worried.  People largely want pretty pictures and I like to think I have a few.  

I meet all kinds at these shows and that's half of what keeps it entertaining.  I hate to rant, but the local interest thing was getting to me.  Thanks to all who come out and enjoy the pictures.  Thanks more to those who don't ask for local interest. 

12 May 2012

Green Fest

I had a great time today at Boonsboro Green Fest.  This local festival celebrates all things reducing, reusing, and recycling.  I've missed it the previous three years, but I plan to keep this a regular stop on my photography selling tour.  It was full of good people, cool products, and great upcycled and green products.
It was a mild success for me, but It was a great day to sit outside and enjoy the weather.  I'm proud to have been a sponsor of this event, and I hope it continues to grow!
And, no one asked for local interest pictures, score!

11 May 2012


Join me tomorrow to green it up at the Boonsboro Green Fest. This 3rd annual even features green solutions, recycling, and recycled/upcycled products. I'm sure to stick out as not green enough among 141 other vendors. Come on over the mountain and check it out!


02 May 2012

Fine Art and Wine Festival

This Sunday, join me for the Sykesville Fine Art and Wine Festival. 12-5pm on mainstreet Sykesville, MD. Free admission, and, did I mention wine?

More infor here! http://www.sykesville.net/minutes/sykesvillefineart2012.pdf

24 March 2012


I'm very happy to let you know that October is shaping up to be a busy month for the crafter in me. I'm officially booked in for Frederick's Oktoberfest, held on October 20-21st. I'm pretty stoked as this is the craft show I remember going to as a kid. That and it's about six blocks from my house. Oh, and the free admission, October weather, and German beer! Hoping to see you there!

05 March 2012

Show 3

I had my first show of the year last weekend and it was great.  Great from the off as it was a very short drive from my house.  This is convenient and inconvenient at the same time.  I could have walked to the show in 10 minutes, but instead I took all the time to pack the car, drive there, unpack, set up, repack, and get back home.  It was somehow more complicated than a show that is further away.  That aside, I was nice to get home quickly and fall into bed.
It was also great because it was inside.  Thus, unlike my other shows, it was not raining on me, and my stuff was not going to blow away. 
Thirdly it was great because people showed up!  How amazed I was to see so many people wandering through the market with genuine interest in all of the artisans there. 
Lastly, it was great because in four hours I sold more than my first two (32 hours worth) of shows combined.  Happy times!  I am still amazed that people look at all, but very grateful to have people buy and (hopefully) display one of my pictures in their homes.  It felt good. 
Oh, and I was also thrilled to use the magic swiper with little trouble.

Anyway, thanks to all who came out, I'm sure none of you had been to this website before, but you made my day just by being interested and not getting too bored with my anecdotes. 
See you in May.

04 March 2012


I did my taxes recently, well paid someone to, because I thought that starting a business would really complicate them.  It turns out that the feds only think you have a business if you're making money.  Well, with two shows and an indiscernible dent in my stock, I clearly had no profit.  So, the money 'earned' is claimed under 'hobby' money and that's it.
I must say I was disappointed at it's simplicity and ease.  I had brought all of my receipts and bills and bank statements, and it was all for naught.
Anyway, I am sure that for the next couple of years, the feds will not recognize my business as a business, and that's okay.  Because it makes life easier.  I give a little (very little) money to the Governor and the rest is just hobby income and taxed like normal.
I don't really have a point, just that I hate taxes.  Well, actually, I like them and public services and all that the money can do, but I hate that they are so complicated that I have to pay someone else $200 to do them for me because they are beyond my feeble mind. 

22 February 2012

Smart Phone

I have finally entered the century in which I live. Wracked with fears of losing customers in future, I decided to take a chance, pay more for cell service and get a smart phone.
Straight away I ordered the credit card swiper and set all that up. I told the guy at the phone store that the only reason I was getting a smart phone was to take credit cards. I am sure that he knew as well as I did that that is BS.
Having had it for a week now, I can say I got the phone for calling and texting, then for swiping, and after that, how can I ignore that it gets my email, surfs the web, and will give me directions?
Anyway, today I got the swiper which makes my phone officially the HTC Amazballs.  As I like to call it.  I can put in all of the items ahead of time, swipe, and customers can sign for it with their fingers!  Amazballs!  Then, it will email a receipt for posterity.  
And yes, I must confess,  I charged myself $2.00 to see if it worked.  It does!  So, head on over to the next show and browse with confidence!

17 February 2012

Artist Market

I am quite happy to report that I have a place at the Frederick Artist Market which will take place on March 3rd from 5-9 pm. If you are Fredericktonians, that is concurrent with the First Saturday celebrations. The market is held in the old McCroy's building at 15 N Market street. Be there! If you miss it in March, I'll be there the First Saturday of December as well. Woot! I am excited not just for the exposure, but I am even more excited because it is an indoor event and I won't have to deal with the tent or the weather!
Check out the 'Upcoming Events' link to your right for more information.
10% of the profits from the Artist Market events will go to the Frederick Arts Council.


16 February 2012

I've Been Framed

I just wanted to share the delivery of frames I got today. I am super stoked that they look really nice! They are made of a recycled wood composite right here in the USA. To see them up close and personal visit (what is now) the first show of the year on May 12th.

15 February 2012


I love snail mail.  I love everything about it.  Handwritten notes, cute stamps, complicated logistics, and getting something special in the mail box.

Because of this and the urging of my one customer I have produced some fancy pants note cards.  They're blank inside, $3 each or 4 for $11.  A bargain! 

It you're a nerd like me you'll like that they're printed on recycled paper in a wind powered factory.

Come see them all at the next show!

11 February 2012

Right Down My Alley

I've been given an official place at the Boonsboro Green Fest on May 12th.  I'm very happy to be a part of it as it is completely focused on sustainable living, conservation, and recycling.  I am obsessed with recycling in my everday life and with UTSS too. (check out the Conservation page for more) I'm even more excited to have a spring show confirmed. 

So, come out and celebrate all things green.  And buy some pictures.  Two things of equal importance.  Well, not really.

Boonsboro Green Fest
May 12th
Schafer Park, Boonsboro, MD

05 February 2012

New Year

Yes, I know that it's February, but I'm just getting restarted with UTSS business for the coming year.  I've applied to a couple of shows and have officially booked a whole one (1) show for the fall.  I'm on the prowl for cheapish, non-(or liberally) juried, and well attended shows.  And they have to occur when I'm not at work or something else isn't already on.  I felt quite safe booking the show for September, 10 months in advance.  That seems like enough notice.
Either way, I've spruced up the blog and fixed the gallery so the pictures are actually viewable.  I'm not totally pleased with the layout, but like all good things, it is a work in progress. 
In terms of product, I still have quite a lot left from my first round of assembly.  I'll replace a few I sold, and I will have blank note cards by the first show of the year.  Blank on the inside, that is.
I'll keep you informed here and on facebook so you can mark your calendars accordingly.  Though, I believe, that's assuming a lot.