22 March 2014


One day, I've been promised, spring will come. If it stops snowing, I will be doing (up to) three shows in May. It's going to be a busy month!

Firstly, I hope to be returning to main street Sykesville for their Fine Arts and Wine Festival, held on May 4th. These are the photos you're looking for.

On May 10 I will be back at the Boonsboro Green Fest for the 3rd time. Here's hoping for a beautiful and dry May Day. Bring your recyclables, donatables, and buy some repurposed items, crafts, plants, and of course, photos!

On May 18 I will, for the first time, participate in the Arbutus Arts Festival. This looks like a busy festival full of crafts, food, and family entertainment.  Come check it out!