22 February 2012

Smart Phone

I have finally entered the century in which I live. Wracked with fears of losing customers in future, I decided to take a chance, pay more for cell service and get a smart phone.
Straight away I ordered the credit card swiper and set all that up. I told the guy at the phone store that the only reason I was getting a smart phone was to take credit cards. I am sure that he knew as well as I did that that is BS.
Having had it for a week now, I can say I got the phone for calling and texting, then for swiping, and after that, how can I ignore that it gets my email, surfs the web, and will give me directions?
Anyway, today I got the swiper which makes my phone officially the HTC Amazballs.  As I like to call it.  I can put in all of the items ahead of time, swipe, and customers can sign for it with their fingers!  Amazballs!  Then, it will email a receipt for posterity.  
And yes, I must confess,  I charged myself $2.00 to see if it worked.  It does!  So, head on over to the next show and browse with confidence!

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