27 August 2011

Thoughts on Signage

One or none of you may have noticed that I changed the banner on the UTSS blog. What do you think? I need to have a sign made of some sort, and I was thinking, since I went with the sun-esque name, it should included a picture of the sun. Or, something like that. This is on a pic I took just the other day on the way to work. Sometimes it's worth driving at 0530. But not often.
Anyway, I want it to look professional and I'm sure the sign maker will do a better job of it, but this is a sign prototype, one might say. Let me know.

26 August 2011

The Weirdest Part of this Picture

...is that I bought fabric.  From a fabric store.  I'm thinking it will be a one-off until this fabric wears out.  Or, until I try to cut it into lenghts and make the most not-straight cut ever known to humankind.  Anyway, I got a couple of tables, because 10x10 is really a lot of real estate, and some fabric to cover them.  Here are a couple of experiments on layout until next week when I can set the whole deal up and see what's what.  So, if you care...

19 August 2011

In for a Dime

You know, back when I said 'I could do that' I didn't think of all of the logistics of selling photography at craft fairs.  All of the little things like table cloths, money boxes, credit card capabilities, how to hang pictures in a tent, and the like, never occurred to me.  These are the things that are kind of nickle and diming me to death.  I know it's a business, and that means start up costs, and I know that these costs don't compare to a 'proper' business.  But, still.  I didn't expect to buy 12 yards of expensive fabric to cover my tables.  Call me naive.  But, I have learned the wonders of the internet and how things can be done 'cheaply.'  I use that term lightly. 
Either way, I'll be ready.  I've applied for two shows in October (1-2 and 15-16 respectively) and I would assume I will be in them as they are not juried, and I've already paid. 
I did finally get the tent up, and though the pictures are not up yet, it is pretty spectacular.  Well, it's a big white tent.  Despite it's heft, it was fairly simple to put up and I hope that I never have an occasion to do it by myself as I value it as well as my back.  Seeing it up did give me plenty to think about in terms of decoration and set-up. 
We did decide that I should have a sign made.  We even went to a sign making place, but the choices were fairly boggling.  So I'm on the drawing board, thinking of something that might look nice and is affordable. 
I hope soon to be officially posting upcoming shows, and until then, I'll be doing dry runs to see if it will all fit in my car, and how long it really takes to set up.  (6-7 hours?)

16 August 2011

Frameless Frames

Outside of matted photographs, I'll be selling 5x7 prints in 'frameless' frames.  I am a big fan of these and love that it's simple and easy and looks cool.  I've just gotten them assembled, and I'm pretty stoked.  They'll be on sale for $10 each or any 3 for $25.  A bargain!

15 August 2011


Check out the new 'Conservation' section to the left and learn about some of the cool materials Under the Same Sun is using to be green.  I hate that to be 'green' feels trite and like somehting companies do to placate the public and make themselves feel better.  I truly think it's important for everyone to do their bit, even if it seems so small and insignificant.  Will photobags made from plants save the world? No.  But at least it's a try. 

11 August 2011

I think the mailman might hate me.

I truly love nothing more than getting stuff in the mail and today was unprecedented.  Tent, and enough material to mat 300 pictures for your future enjoyment all delivered in one day!

07 August 2011



Displaying these pics at said future craft show is really the most vexing thing I am working on.  Especially hanging frames from an ez-up tent.  But I found this old box, and thought that you would be interested in seeing it.  Though, on second thought, it is not very interesting at all.  But here it is anyway for posterity. 

06 August 2011

Cool Biz Cards?

Somewhere along the line, business cards got cool.  If I do say-so myself, these are the coolest.  Perhaps ever.  In the history of the world.  Or, at least the coolest that I've ever had.  Since the only other ones I've had were a couple I made way back in the day with they byline of "future paramedic and horse-rider extraordinaire!"  Of course, with absolutely no proof or anyone to distribute them to.
Come on down to a future show and pick one up.  There may be one in the works...

05 August 2011

That was...easy?

Narry a week since making my online application I have received my shiny new Sales and Use Tax License.  It was almost too easy. 
Either way, I'm going to carry on blindly with it until someone tells me it's wrong.  Or I'm arrested for tax evasion.
So, I'm one step closer to...continuing to not make money at this!

03 August 2011

Finished Products!

Today I finally got some finished products sorted out.  Now, to find a place to sell them!


Check out the gallery in the side bar.  It took me an embarrasingly long time to figure that out.  Enjoy!

02 August 2011

A Good a Time as Any

Requirements for Officiality
1.  Tax ID number (cooking)
2.  pictures (check)
3.  finished products (check)
4.  tent (shopping)
5.  displays (being collected)
6.  tables (ready to be borrowed)
7.  money box (will cardboard do?)
8.  a name (check)
9.  business cards (ordered)
10.  booked craft fair (working on it)
11. receipt book (check)

Things are slowly coming togeher for 'Under the Same Sun' and I am hoping to be tentatively setting up my tent and products by the end of the fall.
Since it's my birthday I figured it's as good a day as ever to mark the official start of this wild-ass plan.  I hope that more than two people will follow this blog and way more than two people will come to craft fairs, wander into my tent and give me the greatest gift they ever could: the desire to display my work in their homes.  What an honor.
So, please visit often, I'll be updating upcoming shows as soon as I find one who will have me.