21 August 2012

Autumn is the Best

We are rapidly and thankfully approaching my favorite time of year. With Autumn comes better clothes, cooler nights, beautiful colors, great holidays, and some potentially sucessful crafting. I am sorry it's been a while since a new post appeared, but I've sort of resovled not to craft in summer because I hate the heat. That, and summer shows are hard to get into. All complaining aside, I have three events lined up this fall, (possibly a couple more). Fall is the best time to be a crafter as people snap into Christmas shopping mode and hopefully will enter my tent and be overcome with joy and buy everything for their friends and family members. Hey, it could happen.

On September 9th, I am attending the Catonsville Arts & Craft Festival from 10-5. I am uber excited about this one as it is short, and allegedly very intense. There will hopefully be a lot of people there, including you!
 In October, I will be at Oktoberfest at Schifferstadt for a weekend of Beer, Brats, and Arts and Crafts.
 In December, the Fredeick Arts Council is hosting an Artists Market for first saturday celebrations. This is a fun event full of local artists, and if you're lucky, free wine. FREE WINE. That's all I have to say about that.

More info and helpful links can be found in the Upcoming Events section to your right.  Hope to see you under the little white tent.