14 April 2013

Spring Things!

The long awaited and short (at the moment) spring schedule for Under the Same Sun is here!
On May 5th, I'll be at the Catonsville Flower Festival and Garden Party, fancy!
This is a celebration of spring and the opening of their summer Farmer's Market.
Join me (and others) for colorful arts and crafts as well as a chance to brighten your day with some flowers and fresh veggies.  

On May 11th, I'll be in Boonsboro, Maryland at the Greenfest.  This is fast becoming a favorite of mine. Here you can bring all of your recyclables and they'll take care of them.  Here's a comprehensive list of what they'll take  http://www.boonsborogreenfest.com/recycling.php.  Then you can find some re-purposed arts and crafts.  You can eat delicious food.  And after all of that, you can stock up on recycling products such as compost bins and rain barrels.  The hippie in me wants it all!