05 February 2012

New Year

Yes, I know that it's February, but I'm just getting restarted with UTSS business for the coming year.  I've applied to a couple of shows and have officially booked a whole one (1) show for the fall.  I'm on the prowl for cheapish, non-(or liberally) juried, and well attended shows.  And they have to occur when I'm not at work or something else isn't already on.  I felt quite safe booking the show for September, 10 months in advance.  That seems like enough notice.
Either way, I've spruced up the blog and fixed the gallery so the pictures are actually viewable.  I'm not totally pleased with the layout, but like all good things, it is a work in progress. 
In terms of product, I still have quite a lot left from my first round of assembly.  I'll replace a few I sold, and I will have blank note cards by the first show of the year.  Blank on the inside, that is.
I'll keep you informed here and on facebook so you can mark your calendars accordingly.  Though, I believe, that's assuming a lot. 

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