27 September 2011

This Weekend!

Believe it or not (that's mostly for me), my first show is coming right up this weekend!  Clear your calendars, wash the car, shut the windows, stack the chairs, get to the ATM, restart the computer, assemble that furniture and head on over to the Mt. Airy Fall Festival.  Here are some key FAQ's:

When?  October 1-2
What time?  9-5 on Saturday and 10-5 on Sunday
Where? downtown Mt. Airy, Maryland, right on Main Street
Who?  You!  (or me, or Under the Same Sun, depending on the context)

Be there!

18 September 2011

I think I need a bigger car

As the things are coming together, they are piling up.  It's got me slightly worried, especially as the tent folds up to be about as small as telephone pole.  Dry run to set everything up will be later this week, then I'll know for sure if I need to rent a tractor-trailer to sell a few photos. 

17 September 2011

Actual Signage

The final pieces are slowly coming together as I am counting down to the 1st of October.  I finally found some reasonable priced acrylic signs.  Those are some sweet signs you might say. 

13 September 2011

How you say? Show!

I am really happy and really nervous to tell you dear reader(s?) that my official first show is booked and ready to go.  It is a two day fall festival held in Mt. Airy, Maryland on October 1-2.  
I emailed them to confirm and was told that "If your check has been cashed you are in the show."  Well, I headed on over to the ole bank account and there it was! I have since had further confirmation and now it's time to get nervous!  Or, get excited!  Or, recruit someone to help me!

Details are in the 'Upcoming Events' page to the left, but really all you need to know is: Mt. Airy + October 1 + kicking photographs = happy times.