30 July 2011


After four calls to four different offices (or the same, who could know?) I decided to take the least complicated tax adivice. One person suggested that I needed to complete five different forms, pay some monies, hire an accountant, a lawyer, and a hair stylist, and in perhaps three or four years I could sell some pictures. The last person I talked to said I could fill out an online form and within a couple of weeks I could sell any picture I take anywhere in Maryland. Result!
So, with that more or less done, I went to research upcoming events. Well, that further complicated things. You may think that starting in August, one could get into shows in October. Well, that is apparently impossible. The show I thought would be a great start wanted the application in by March 1st. March 1st and this show is in mid-October. And is really quite small.
The other show I was thinking of is the same weekend as a training for work, so sadly, that is out too. I'll keep you up to date as soon as I have somewhere and something to show.