24 March 2012


I'm very happy to let you know that October is shaping up to be a busy month for the crafter in me. I'm officially booked in for Frederick's Oktoberfest, held on October 20-21st. I'm pretty stoked as this is the craft show I remember going to as a kid. That and it's about six blocks from my house. Oh, and the free admission, October weather, and German beer! Hoping to see you there!

05 March 2012

Show 3

I had my first show of the year last weekend and it was great.  Great from the off as it was a very short drive from my house.  This is convenient and inconvenient at the same time.  I could have walked to the show in 10 minutes, but instead I took all the time to pack the car, drive there, unpack, set up, repack, and get back home.  It was somehow more complicated than a show that is further away.  That aside, I was nice to get home quickly and fall into bed.
It was also great because it was inside.  Thus, unlike my other shows, it was not raining on me, and my stuff was not going to blow away. 
Thirdly it was great because people showed up!  How amazed I was to see so many people wandering through the market with genuine interest in all of the artisans there. 
Lastly, it was great because in four hours I sold more than my first two (32 hours worth) of shows combined.  Happy times!  I am still amazed that people look at all, but very grateful to have people buy and (hopefully) display one of my pictures in their homes.  It felt good. 
Oh, and I was also thrilled to use the magic swiper with little trouble.

Anyway, thanks to all who came out, I'm sure none of you had been to this website before, but you made my day just by being interested and not getting too bored with my anecdotes. 
See you in May.

04 March 2012


I did my taxes recently, well paid someone to, because I thought that starting a business would really complicate them.  It turns out that the feds only think you have a business if you're making money.  Well, with two shows and an indiscernible dent in my stock, I clearly had no profit.  So, the money 'earned' is claimed under 'hobby' money and that's it.
I must say I was disappointed at it's simplicity and ease.  I had brought all of my receipts and bills and bank statements, and it was all for naught.
Anyway, I am sure that for the next couple of years, the feds will not recognize my business as a business, and that's okay.  Because it makes life easier.  I give a little (very little) money to the Governor and the rest is just hobby income and taxed like normal.
I don't really have a point, just that I hate taxes.  Well, actually, I like them and public services and all that the money can do, but I hate that they are so complicated that I have to pay someone else $200 to do them for me because they are beyond my feeble mind.