22 September 2012

Custom Order

Here is my first custom order to be mailed.  It wasn't as tricky or expensive as I had expected, so bring them on!  At Under the Same Sun, custom orders are as they should be:  Cheap and easy!  
Only $2 extra charge for a custom 5x7 print mailed right to your house.  So, pick some out, and at shows, keep that in mind to get just the print you're looking for!

10 September 2012


This weekend was a great example of what it means to be a successful crafter.  With only a year in and about five shows under my belt, I seem to have a 50/50 chance of getting it right.  It seems that half of my time I have chosen a good venue, had fair weather and patrons have turned up.  When this happens, I sell a bit and feel right with the world.  The other half of the time, it rains, no on comes out, and the wind blows too hard.  When this happens, I freeze, get wet, or am scared the whole time and don't sell much.  This very small business seems a game of chance, and hopefully in a few years I'll have a handle on all of the variables that I can control.

On Saturday I as at a lovely event that started out very well. Let's just say that I love events that start at noon.  I was also thrilled to get to park right behind my tent.  Knowing that wet weather was coming, this made me feel far more secure.  There was chili and beer as promised, but the whole event was closed down 2 hours early due to the severely dark cloud that was looming over us.  I think I set a record in packing up and got everything back in and safe minutes before the weather hit.

On Sunday I went to my biggest event ever.  It was really wonderful as it was full of crafters, very well organized and overpopulated with arts and crafts hungry patrons.  It was certainly the most exposure I've gotten in one day and the most I've ever sold!  It made up for Saturdays' losses and then a bit more.  This is sure to be a regular UTSS event.

So thanks to all who came out to buy from, help, and support me this weekend.  It is truly appreciated!  If you are reading this, you are awesome!


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06 September 2012

Crafting Mania!

Well, mabye I exaggerate, but this weekend I am doing two craft shows, two!

Firstly I will be at the Sykesville, MD Chili Cook-off and Beer Festival.  This event is on Main Street in Sykesville from 12-5, this Saturday!  Really, you had me at beer festival. 

Secondly, I will be at the Catonsville Arts &Crafts Festival on Sunday from 10-5.  This is a big even on Frederick Street in Catonsville, MD.

Come on out and get yer craft on!