The green bandwagon is something Under the Same Sun is completely on.  I'd drive it if I could, but the thing with being green is that it's a little expensive.  How is it that something made of old stuff is more expensive than the same thing made of new stuff?
I digress.  When constructing photos, I've done what I can to keep our collective conscience clear.

Frames, as of now, are made in the USA with a recycled wood composite.  

The mat backing is made of 100% recycled paper.

Clear bags (at the moment) are made of 10% recycled polypropylene and
starting this fall, all clear bags are made of biodegradable compostable material made from plants! Wicked!  These bags are made with Earth First PLA film and more information can be found on their website
So, once these are first line, (once you buy up all the original photos!) Take your picture home, and throw the bag right on your compost heap. Or throw it in the trash.  Now with less guilt!

Notecards are made with recycled paper in a wind powered factory sweet!

So, buy with care, and hopefully we can all do out bit!

More information can be found at: