24 October 2012


I have custom orders on the brain. This past weekend I had my first print-only custom order. I am more than happy to resign myself that you can mat and frame pictures exactly to your liking. So, officially, I'll make you a 5x7 print for $5, an 8x10 for $10 and an 11x14 for $15.
These too can be mailed or picked up or delivered or whatever is most convenient.

On that same subject, while I don't sell online that doesn't mean you can't order. It's better to go straight to the source and that is via my personal email. There is a fairly extensive gallery flipping it's little heart out on the right hand side of your screen. If you see something you like, just let me know. I'll make that picture into anything you can think of. Well, just short of mugs and t-shirts, but I'd find a way if you wanted it.
Shipping is whatever the post office charges, and that's about that.

If you've been to see me at a show, you know many more pictures exist. If you vaguely remember something you liked, I am sure I can figure out what it was for you. I was there for most of them (haha)!

P.S. I'm thinking of a little website redux. I am not very good at design and such, but not quite happy with the way the 'ol blog looks. If you're a frist time visitor, bear with.

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