04 March 2012


I did my taxes recently, well paid someone to, because I thought that starting a business would really complicate them.  It turns out that the feds only think you have a business if you're making money.  Well, with two shows and an indiscernible dent in my stock, I clearly had no profit.  So, the money 'earned' is claimed under 'hobby' money and that's it.
I must say I was disappointed at it's simplicity and ease.  I had brought all of my receipts and bills and bank statements, and it was all for naught.
Anyway, I am sure that for the next couple of years, the feds will not recognize my business as a business, and that's okay.  Because it makes life easier.  I give a little (very little) money to the Governor and the rest is just hobby income and taxed like normal.
I don't really have a point, just that I hate taxes.  Well, actually, I like them and public services and all that the money can do, but I hate that they are so complicated that I have to pay someone else $200 to do them for me because they are beyond my feeble mind. 

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