22 February 2012

Smart Phone

I have finally entered the century in which I live. Wracked with fears of losing customers in future, I decided to take a chance, pay more for cell service and get a smart phone.
Straight away I ordered the credit card swiper and set all that up. I told the guy at the phone store that the only reason I was getting a smart phone was to take credit cards. I am sure that he knew as well as I did that that is BS.
Having had it for a week now, I can say I got the phone for calling and texting, then for swiping, and after that, how can I ignore that it gets my email, surfs the web, and will give me directions?
Anyway, today I got the swiper which makes my phone officially the HTC Amazballs.  As I like to call it.  I can put in all of the items ahead of time, swipe, and customers can sign for it with their fingers!  Amazballs!  Then, it will email a receipt for posterity.  
And yes, I must confess,  I charged myself $2.00 to see if it worked.  It does!  So, head on over to the next show and browse with confidence!

17 February 2012

Artist Market

I am quite happy to report that I have a place at the Frederick Artist Market which will take place on March 3rd from 5-9 pm. If you are Fredericktonians, that is concurrent with the First Saturday celebrations. The market is held in the old McCroy's building at 15 N Market street. Be there! If you miss it in March, I'll be there the First Saturday of December as well. Woot! I am excited not just for the exposure, but I am even more excited because it is an indoor event and I won't have to deal with the tent or the weather!
Check out the 'Upcoming Events' link to your right for more information.
10% of the profits from the Artist Market events will go to the Frederick Arts Council.


16 February 2012

I've Been Framed

I just wanted to share the delivery of frames I got today. I am super stoked that they look really nice! They are made of a recycled wood composite right here in the USA. To see them up close and personal visit (what is now) the first show of the year on May 12th.

15 February 2012


I love snail mail.  I love everything about it.  Handwritten notes, cute stamps, complicated logistics, and getting something special in the mail box.

Because of this and the urging of my one customer I have produced some fancy pants note cards.  They're blank inside, $3 each or 4 for $11.  A bargain! 

It you're a nerd like me you'll like that they're printed on recycled paper in a wind powered factory.

Come see them all at the next show!

11 February 2012

Right Down My Alley

I've been given an official place at the Boonsboro Green Fest on May 12th.  I'm very happy to be a part of it as it is completely focused on sustainable living, conservation, and recycling.  I am obsessed with recycling in my everday life and with UTSS too. (check out the Conservation page for more) I'm even more excited to have a spring show confirmed. 

So, come out and celebrate all things green.  And buy some pictures.  Two things of equal importance.  Well, not really.

Boonsboro Green Fest
May 12th
Schafer Park, Boonsboro, MD

05 February 2012

New Year

Yes, I know that it's February, but I'm just getting restarted with UTSS business for the coming year.  I've applied to a couple of shows and have officially booked a whole one (1) show for the fall.  I'm on the prowl for cheapish, non-(or liberally) juried, and well attended shows.  And they have to occur when I'm not at work or something else isn't already on.  I felt quite safe booking the show for September, 10 months in advance.  That seems like enough notice.
Either way, I've spruced up the blog and fixed the gallery so the pictures are actually viewable.  I'm not totally pleased with the layout, but like all good things, it is a work in progress. 
In terms of product, I still have quite a lot left from my first round of assembly.  I'll replace a few I sold, and I will have blank note cards by the first show of the year.  Blank on the inside, that is.
I'll keep you informed here and on facebook so you can mark your calendars accordingly.  Though, I believe, that's assuming a lot.