17 October 2011

Wind Contingency

Show two was a windy one.  Windy may be an understatement.  At one point, my neighbors tent blew over, my other neightbors crafts all blew off the table, and I was constantly re-velcroing my sides down.  It was driving me literally insane.  Every gust filled me (and all of the other crafters) with major anxiety. 
My wise advisers for the day took down the sides for me, which was a major improvement.  I resisted the urge to grab the tent everytime the wind blew and the rest of the day passed without major incident.  That, plus all of my neighboring crafters left by early afternoon.  This was sad and potentially helpful, as the good people were forced to stop in on the way to the kids stuff.  Or, they were forced to walk by without looking. 
Either way.  The weather was much improved on Sunday, and though sales were low, I had a good laugh with my returning neighbors and met some interesting people.  Made a couple of sales, and a couple of contacts that may bring some future opportunities.  Time will always tell. 

I have no other events scheduled for the rest of the year, but I am open to something small and short if anyone has a suggestion.  I am not up to those Christmas craft show extravaganzas.  Yet. 

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