30 October 2011

Confessions of a Crafter

If this whole wild ass plan continues to be a mild success, I will instead write a book about all of the funny and strange things people have said to me.  In a mere 32 hours of crafting, I have encountered some strange stuff. 
It's interesting just to watch people.  Most, it seems are afraid to commit to getting in the tent, as if that will oblige them to buy something or worse, interact with me.  I have two boxes of pictures on the end of the tables facing out.  I've seen people stand three feet away from the box, and lean far over to flip through the pictures.  I laugh and fret over their non commitment.  I would rather have someone look legitimately and not buy something then miss something they might want by trying to avoid comitting to the tent.
And many people do what I have serially done in the past.  They give a careful, almost excruciatingly thorough look through all of the pictures.  They pull some out and point and show it to their companions.  They have a genial and hopeful interaction with me, and then leave without buying anything.  I shouldn't be disappointed by this, but I am. 
Mostly people ask me if I've taken all of the pictures.  I think I will start to answer with 'Nope, googled it.' instead of the boring 'yes.'
I am learning a lot through the patrons as well.  Many ask for local interest, though I'm not sure exactly what they mean.  Nor am I sure they know what they mean.  I do have some stuff from the general area, but mostly they are of England.  I can understand the want of local interest, but it's not like the pictures I do have are completely uninteresting. 
Some are even mistaken for local places
Them:  'Is this (this local place)?'
Me:  'It's whereever you want it to be.'
At least two people, whom I don't know, insisted that I make Christmas cards,  I mean how could I not have Christmas cards?!  The other photographer here does.  Don't I think that people want Christmas cards?  All of this is kind of true.  But making cards is expensive and I am just starting out.  One lady did not intend to give me a beginners break.

I loved it when people would come into the tent who had cameras around their necks that are far fancier and more expensive than mine.  But no one has challenged me in technical photo things.  One woman who was entitled to criticize because she had taken a class once, told me one picture was not crisp enough for her.  I informed her that she didn't have to buy it. 

One person asked me if I had pictures of chocolate.  Another, pictures of Peru.  I don't of coures, and I still didn't have a picture of the town I was in.  I just can't win. 

My favorite interaction has been when a woman pointed out to her husband that a particular picture was taken in Italy. 
Me:  'You should go there if you can, it's beautiful.'
Lady:  'Oh, you've been there?'
Me:  'Um...Yes.'
Lady:  'Do you....take pictures?'
Me:  'Yes.'  (looks around) 'Um, these pictures, actually.'
Lady:  'Oh!'

I should get a name tag, I guess. 

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Anonymous said...

I love this, Ellie! Some of the random stuff people say...

I discovered your new blog after reading Matt 5.45 one day, and the name got me thinking!

We're planning another Easter walking trip next year. Can't remember if you got any photos from the last one, but we look at Tim's from that trip often, with you in it!