01 October 2011

1st Day!

Although there is nothing more sad than a street full of wet and closed up crafters tents, today was fun. It started way too early, but with the help of Mom, we set things up and they came together quite nicely. I think. Within the first hour I had my first and only sale, and it was exciting! Shortly after that it clouded over went to less than 50 degrees and rained off and on for the rest of the day. So, altogether, not a great success, but it was still good times.  Mostly because nothing blew away, broke, or got terribly wet.  I met some cool people who do other normal crafting stuff like making soap and sewing and gluing things together.  I'm not sure that anyone had a succesful day, mostly because very few people came.  Tomorrow is supposed to be dry but cold, so...fingers crossed!

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