03 October 2011

2nd Day

I can safely say that I learned a lot during my first show.  My tent isn't 100% waterproof, cardboard boxes absorb water, four 40lb cinderblocks will hold down the tent, and people seem to want local interest pictures.  No lesson was more important than this wild ass plan can be executed.  It will take practice, experience, and luck to be a success, but it is possible.  And although for a while yesterday I sat in my corner, freezing to death, wishing I had been anywhere else, it was fun.  I sold a few things, mostly to one person and a relative, but it still counts.  Someone I didn't know before not only special ordered a picture, but will hang it in their home and enjoy it.  What an honor!  That's really the whole point.

Deciding on the lay out almost drove me crazy, and I imagine that it will look different (hopefully better) with every show.  It was really handy to buy some potted mums from a nearby vendor and use them to decorate the tent.
Sadly, I don't have many local interest pictures, and not many that envoke the feelings of fall.  Though, this weekend was beyond that.  I should have just put out pictures of snow covered mountains and icicles.  The cold weather made for a poor turn out for the whole festival.  Which is a shame, but I at least made back my rental fees.

I was really thrilled that it didn't blow away.  Our dry run nearly ended in disaster when I learned that I could tie myself to the tent, jump off a cliff and ride it safely down.  This made us extremely nervous, of course, but I found some more robust weights that seemed to work pretty well.  I didn't take flight and nothing broke.  Oh, except for the two frameless frames I dropped.  It's interesting to hear a little crash and see all of the crafters do a spin in their tent to see if it was their stuff. 

If you missed out this weekend, don't dismay.  In two weeks I'll be at the Myersville Trolley Festival.  Learn more at http://www.myersvilletrolleyfestival.com/.

Many, many thanks to my peeps who stopped by to offer moral support.  I truly appreciate it!

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