19 August 2011

In for a Dime

You know, back when I said 'I could do that' I didn't think of all of the logistics of selling photography at craft fairs.  All of the little things like table cloths, money boxes, credit card capabilities, how to hang pictures in a tent, and the like, never occurred to me.  These are the things that are kind of nickle and diming me to death.  I know it's a business, and that means start up costs, and I know that these costs don't compare to a 'proper' business.  But, still.  I didn't expect to buy 12 yards of expensive fabric to cover my tables.  Call me naive.  But, I have learned the wonders of the internet and how things can be done 'cheaply.'  I use that term lightly. 
Either way, I'll be ready.  I've applied for two shows in October (1-2 and 15-16 respectively) and I would assume I will be in them as they are not juried, and I've already paid. 
I did finally get the tent up, and though the pictures are not up yet, it is pretty spectacular.  Well, it's a big white tent.  Despite it's heft, it was fairly simple to put up and I hope that I never have an occasion to do it by myself as I value it as well as my back.  Seeing it up did give me plenty to think about in terms of decoration and set-up. 
We did decide that I should have a sign made.  We even went to a sign making place, but the choices were fairly boggling.  So I'm on the drawing board, thinking of something that might look nice and is affordable. 
I hope soon to be officially posting upcoming shows, and until then, I'll be doing dry runs to see if it will all fit in my car, and how long it really takes to set up.  (6-7 hours?)


Anonymous said...

I could have given you a cash box. Lattice (sp?) work that people use around the undersides of decks works great for hanging pictures up. If you can figure out how to secure them. And I'd get a sign that you can roll up. You are going to do great. I will try to come to one of those shows.

Scott Wiggins said...


Some nice images and good to see you progressing your venture. I keep meaning to do something similar with all my photos here.

Are you double matting all your prints or doing some as singles? Oh and make your you keep complimentary stuff together as they may buy a pair to match on a wall.

Re hanging stuff in your tent did you find a solution? I thought about fishing line as you might be able to tie it any frame work.

Good luck with your craft fairs.