02 August 2011

A Good a Time as Any

Requirements for Officiality
1.  Tax ID number (cooking)
2.  pictures (check)
3.  finished products (check)
4.  tent (shopping)
5.  displays (being collected)
6.  tables (ready to be borrowed)
7.  money box (will cardboard do?)
8.  a name (check)
9.  business cards (ordered)
10.  booked craft fair (working on it)
11. receipt book (check)

Things are slowly coming togeher for 'Under the Same Sun' and I am hoping to be tentatively setting up my tent and products by the end of the fall.
Since it's my birthday I figured it's as good a day as ever to mark the official start of this wild-ass plan.  I hope that more than two people will follow this blog and way more than two people will come to craft fairs, wander into my tent and give me the greatest gift they ever could: the desire to display my work in their homes.  What an honor.
So, please visit often, I'll be updating upcoming shows as soon as I find one who will have me.

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