13 September 2011

How you say? Show!

I am really happy and really nervous to tell you dear reader(s?) that my official first show is booked and ready to go.  It is a two day fall festival held in Mt. Airy, Maryland on October 1-2.  
I emailed them to confirm and was told that "If your check has been cashed you are in the show."  Well, I headed on over to the ole bank account and there it was! I have since had further confirmation and now it's time to get nervous!  Or, get excited!  Or, recruit someone to help me!

Details are in the 'Upcoming Events' page to the left, but really all you need to know is: Mt. Airy + October 1 + kicking photographs = happy times. 


Anonymous said...

I'll be there! also if you want me to cut/hem your fabric you probably need to get it to me by the 17th-21st. I'm off work and home those days.


Scott Wiggins said...

Good luck with the show.

Make sure you've got lots of stock.

Ellie said...

Thanks, M. this week is turning out to be super busy...I'll let you know if I get away.
Scott- Thanks! It feels like I have a lot, I don't want to be over ambitious!